Friday, August 3, 2018

My Time with Meta Given by Danette Bishop Mondou

Author page on Amazon:   Danette Author Page

I have just put my book on Amazon as a paperback.  It is pretty amazing the times that we live in.  I have known of other people who have done self publishing, but only through stories.  Not all of them have been a success, but they did it. Then other's have been wildly successful!

The first self-published book that I read about that was wildly successful was "The Joy of Cooking" cookbook by Irma S. Rombauer.  Irma turned a hobby into her life's work. Another cookbook author who self-published was a woman named Amelia Simmons. Actually, not only did Amelia self-publish, but she also was illiterate and she wrote the first cookbook in America to use local ingredients like pearl ash.  You can see Amelia's cookbook on the Michigan State University site. (see link below)

Feeding America
So these women self-published and both were very successful.  I am not sure about my success level, especially since it is day one.  But I believe in the process of doing it yourself.  I have researched my book, written the book, edited and published it all using my own skills.

As my husband says, if you don't like it, you won't like the work that I do.  But if you do like it you will be mad about it.  I do so hope the importance of what I have done will be appreciated.

I have researched the life and times of Meta Given (1888-1981).  I have then written her life story.  I have been told the Timeline at the end is really a great idea.  Since it is not always easy to get the full gist of one's life without the timeline.

Here is the link to my book on Amazon.

My Time with Meta Given Biography

Above is a copy of what my book cover looks like through Amazon.  The back and front cover with the spine.  The picture is of Meta Given taken around the later 1930s.  It was used in an advertisement that Meta Given lent her expertise and image to sell refrigerators.  I have had the photo reproduced by a local artist.  I then made the original picture blue to give it some color.

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